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Only 4 weeks left....WOOOO HOOOO!!!!  Anyway, I have been getting tons and tons of questions about everything imaginable.  I am hoping this will help answer some of those questions.  They are in no particular order but some of these crack me up. So lets get started:

Have you ever sailed before?

Yes.  Quite a bit actually. 

What about pirates?

Pirates are real and scary and also pretty well documented on where they are at.  We are going to avoid the places with pirates.  Its a pretty simple plan. 

What are you going to do for food? 

Luckily for us, wherever people are at, there is generally food.  We can carry a few months worth of food on the boat when we are away from civilization and when we are anywhere with people, we will eat what the locals eat.  That's part of the adventure.

What about drinking water?

We have a water-maker on the boat which turns the sea water into crystal clear pure drinking water.  Its pretty amazing!

Will you catch fish for food?

I hope so.  I will definitely try :)

How big is the boat?

Our boat is 42 feet long.  Its a fairly large sailboat but an itty-bitty house.  Everything has to have a special place on board and everything has to be locked down when we are sailing or it can go flying across the boat...ask the no-longer-on-board microwave what happens when its not strapped down. 

How long will you be gone?

We don't really know for sure???  Its an open ended plan.  Maybe 10 years-ish?  Maybe more, maybe less.

Do you get along with each other? 

Yes.  We actually enjoy each others company.  Even on an itty-bitty house. 

Do you get seasick?

Not really.  I am sure that if we are in some really rough weather, we may get a little queasy.  We do have medication for seasickness just in case.

Are you excited?



  1. What about if you get someplace and the only food the locals eat is pork, beef, mushrooms, and olives?


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