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Hard at Work

Well, here we are.  Still in Seattle.  I had thought we would be long gone by now but a few little things have kept us tied to the dock.  Brenda has been suckered into working part time for one more month and while she has been hard at work, I have been busy with last minute boat projects.  Some of those projects have been crappy, like replacing all of the plumbing from the toilet to the tank where the waste goes...again its a crappy job (literally...pun intended).  Some projects are much more important and very making sure our new inflatable paddle boards work properly.  We have had stand up paddle boards for quite a few years now and have put quite a few miles on them.  Around here we have stored them on rack that ties them to the outside of the boat, but once we leave and are sailing out in the big ocean, anything that is on the outside of the boat is a target for a big wave.  We didn't like the idea of having the boards and railing and rack all ripped off b