The Team

I don't think that a lot of people understand what it is that we are trying to do.  I also don't think that a lot of people like their spouses, at least not enough to be stuck in a small space for a long time with them.  The most common statement I get when I talk to people about our upcoming adventurer is "I hope you like your wife!" (actually, that is statement number 2.  Statement number 1 is "watch out for pirates", but I digress).   The truth is, I do like my wife.  We are pretty great together.  We make a great team.  We both have an adventurous spirit and appreciate the thought of real freedom.  So this post is about the Team. 

I like to refer to us as the "A" team.  Not the A-team from the 80's TV show that I used to love as a kid, but the A-team, as in first string, the all star team, the best, the team you want when the going gets get the picture.  (The A-team from the TV show isn't as good as I remembered it being...thanks to a late night re-run in a hotel room, my memories of the show are forever tarnished).  Its not that we would be in the A-team if we were by ourselves or with other players, but together, we become the A-team.

The story of this A-team started about 12 to14 years ago (I hope Brenda doesn't read this because I actually don't remember when we first got together!).  Our renditions of the starting point differ greatly, but they both end up in the same spot.  My version of the story has something about the Girl thinking the Boy was amazing and her version of the story has something about the Boy thinking the Girl was amazing.  Both stories are mostly true and if you have time, we can go through the whole thing at some point.

The Girl in this team is pretty amazing.  She brings a lot to the team.  First of all, she has put up with the Boy for 12-14 years, which is pretty amazing in itself.  She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.  She has taken on her fair share of projects in the big and mighty rebuild of the boat.  Luckily for the Boy, she fits into some of the smaller compartments of the boat that the Boy doesn't, which is pretty handy when either wiring or plumbing has to take place and someone has to fit into the hole.  She is willing to give up most of the comforts of home in search of freedom and adventure.  Most importantly, She looks a lot better than the Boy in a skirt and/or a bikini (a huge plus for the Boy).

Since the Boy is writing this, I will do my best to be modest about the will be hard to do.  The Boy is pretty amazing as well.   The Boy is pretty handy to have around.  He can fix just about anything (important in the middle of the ocean).  He can speak 7 languages (not true).  He has huge muscles (again not true).  He can play a mean guitar and sing a little ditty when entertainment is needed (true).  The Boy is a sucker for an adventure and thrives when the going gets tough(true).  The biggest thing that the Boy has going for him is that he has the Girl (very true). 

The Team has already had some pretty great adventures in their time together.  Probably more adventures than most people have in twice the number of years.  We are pretty excited to see what is coming next and we both feel extremely lucky to have the other half of the team on our side



  1. How sweet! Jeff and Brenda are certainly all stars from my perspective. We're gonna miss the A team. Are you gonna grow back your dreads Jeff?


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