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In roughly 24 hours, we will be floating once again. This is exciting for many reasons. I could probably come up with a pretty good list of all those reasons why this is exciting, like the fact that we are going to be setting off on a big adventure. But the best reason I can come up with this morning is the fact that we will be sleeping in our own bed for the first time in about 10 months. And there is nothing like your own bed. I can't wait. We hauled our floating home out of the water 10 months ago and since then have slept in an RV, in tents, on family and friends couches and floors and spare bedrooms, at hotels, on friends boats, in the dirt next to campfires, in the snow, and even in the back of our car (thanks to some unruly coyotes). I can honestly say that even though we were happy to be in pretty much all of those places (not so much in the back of the car...thanks again coyotes), we never slept as good as when we are in the boat. The boat is home and there'

Pink Jobs vs Blue Jobs

For some reason, most sailing couples divide boat work into 2 distinct categories. Pink and Blue. These jobs fall strictly on gender lines. But before I get into this subject, I am going to throw a disclaimer out there that states that I wholeheartedly believe that Brenda can do everything I can do, and most of those things she can do better. I may be physically stronger, but she has an attention to detail that my short attention span just can't compete with. I can hear the hillbillies in the audience murmuring in the background that women belong in the kitchen, popping out babies. I can also hear the defiant feminists in the background that want to kick those hillbillies in the nuts just to prove the point that women are strong and to hopefully stop those hillbillies from further procreating. I am going to stay out of the middle of those two groups, mainly because I don't want to be caught in the cross-hairs and be kicked in the nuts, but more than that, I am a fi

Cleaning House

You can't be a hoarder and live on a boat. Well, I guess you can and if I think about it, I have seen it done before. But it's an extremely small space to be a pack rat in. There are some things that are necessities, like spare parts, tools, and food storage, but other than those things, you don't need much else to keep your boat running and you surviving. Brenda would argue that last sentence and say that you need to look cute, so bikinis, flip-flops, skirts, shorts, tank-tops, and various other outfits are absolute necessities of survival. I've learned to keep my mouth shut about some of those things and just nod and say, “yes, 18 jackets, 22 pairs of shoes, and 128 different shirts are very important.” Because some battles are just not worth the effort, and more than that, I've learned that I always lose those battles so I should save myself the embarrassment of defeat and just let it go. If Brenda were here talking to you about this, she would pro