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Things that go bump in the night version 3 point ooooooooooohhhhh.

It seems that most of the really exciting things that have happened to us on this little adventure like to happen right around 2 am. Just at the time when we should be nice and cozy in our beds, with visions of gumdrops and candy canes is when chaos strikes. While we were on the boat this past summer cruising the Inside Passage, the worst storms always hit at night. In Death Valley a couple of months ago, a violent sand storm crashed into us while we were sleeping. In Moab, the most intense rain, lightning storms, and flash floods decided that waking us up was better than waiting for the morning. In Yellowstone, we had lightning striking so close to our camper that we could smell the electricity in the air, it sounded like a freight train was in our bed, and it was so bright that it looked like someone turned on a stadium's worth of lights right in our face...all while we were sound asleep. For some reason, darkness brings out the worst in mother least it sometim