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Holiday Cheer

Before I get into this bit of rambling, I think I should apologize. First, because I can tell by my mood this morning that this is going to be a long winded rambling, and second, for what may end up coming out of my mouth. Why you ask? Well, it's because I'm sick. I woke up on Christmas morning with a nasty cold that has left me home-bound for the last few days in our tiny home on wheels and I don't do very well when I am sitting around. Brenda says that I should have been a better boy throughout the year because Santa Claus obviously did this to me as punishment for not being very nice. I've overheard many girls over the years say that boys are terrible at being sick and I'll have to admit that I am one of those boys. Even though death is not at my door, if you were here, I would make it sound as if it was. Yes, I am whiny and miserable to be around when I am under the weather. And because I've been at home for the last few days, I've run out of m

Good News - Bad News

We've got some good news and some bad news, and since everyone likes good news, let's start with that first. The good news is that we've made it to Bend, Oregon to enjoy this winter season skiing on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor. We had so much fun in Bend last winter that we couldn't imagine not coming back to do it again. The better news is that in the last week Mt. Bachelor has received over 6 feet of snow and there is even more snow in the upcoming forecast. Tons of snow on a great ski hill = good news. If you are not a ski bum like me, 6 feet of snow may just seem like a lot of snow and nothing more. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, this could be the best news you've ever heard. Judging by the line of people waiting for a chair lift ride on Monday, it was amazing news for not only me, but about 12,000 of my closest friends. Thanks to those 12,000 people in line with me, a normally non existent line on a Monday became a wait of 30-40 minutes to get