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Well, here we are. We have officially been in Bend Oregon for 2 weeks and it seems strange to be in one spot for more than just a handful of days. At day 5 of our stay, I turned to Brenda and said “doesn't it seem like it's time for us to pack up and move on?” She had the same feeling as me. We have been so used to seeing the sites of a particular area and then moving on to the next spot that we just felt a little bit off. But since we already booked a month at the RV park, we purchased our ski passes, and I had been growing out my beard so I could look like an official ski bum, we had to power through the 5 day itch. Now that we are 2 weeks into our stay and we have had some time to explore the area, we are starting to feel like locals. I have a feeling that it may end up being hard for us to leave when our time is up. Bend is a pretty great place to spend some time...especially if you love the great outdoors like we do. There is the obvious draw of skiing at Mt

Another Q and A

We have just returned to our little home on wheels in Bend Oregon after being gone for almost 3 weeks. When we left our home on wheels, we were frozen solid and all of our plumbing was a block of ice. While we were gone, every thing thawed out and is now back to livable status, however we were not without some damage. As I am sure you know, when water freezes it expands, which I am sure you also know, tends to not be too good for plumbing. We had a couple of broken water lines, a split water pump housing, and a toilet valve that all needed replacing. Luckily for us, there is what may be the best RV parts store that I have ever seen in Bend Oregon. They had everything we needed to fix our problems and since we are in Oregon, there was no sales tax...woo hoo! For the past 3 weeks that we have been gone, we have been doing things that we really aren't used to. Our normal routine of hardcore adventuring has been put on hold ever since we left Death Valley on Christmas morn


We aren't animal lovers. We love to see wild animals out in the boonies, but other than that we prefer not to be around them. I know, I know, I love your pets. And your dog or cat is probably the best dog or cat on earth. The thing is, we don't like your dog or cat. It doesn't matter how many times you tell us that it's so sweet, or so smart, or the cutest thing on earth. In general, we tend to think that your dog or cat smells terrible, leaves hair all over our clothes, has an annoying bark, and is pretty disgusting. And most dogs seem to like to stuff their noses right in our crotch, which you might think would be something that we would enjoy, but it turns out that it is a rather violating feeling. I'm telling you about this lack of pet love because, first of all, I can't think of anything better to tell you about, and secondly, because we just spent a week on the Oregon coast with some good friends and their pets. Since I am going te