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The Garnet Ghost Town

For years before we left, I had always told people that we were going to sail around the world. Now that we've been out for a few years, I still tell people the same thing. It's a concept that makes sense to the average Joe – a circle around the globe. A start and an end. One complete lap. When a random stranger we meet on the road asks what we are doing, I still answer with, “we are sailing around the world.” But that explanation is and has always been just a quick way to put into words a concept that still doesn't make sense to most people. Because in reality, we aren't going to sail around the world. One big lap of the globe doesn't really have any appeal to us. Although we aren't realistically going to make a big giant loop – with a beginning and an end – we are doing our best to see the world, and we'll be doing it for as long as it takes. So, I think the proper way to explain what we are doing, is to just say that we are out here to see the

El Lobo Solitario

Before I get too far into this bit of rambling today, I want to clear the air. Yes it's true, we were just in our hometown of Seattle for a quick couple of days. I've already gotten enough emails, phone calls, and texts with an upset tinge to them, asking why we didn't visit, and I don't need anymore. So, just to make sure that we are on the same page here, it's not that we don't like you anymore, it's not that we don't care, and it's not that we didn't want to see you – it's because we just didn't have enough time to squeeze everyone in. Again, we were only there for a couple of days. Sorry. Get over it. The other thing I want to mention is that even though we are in the great US of A, the land of the connected, we have actually had the same or even less phone and internet access as we had in Mexico during our road trip, so updates will probably be a little behind the times.  Again, sorry, and get over it. Why did we come


If you've been following along with our adventure for a while now, you probably remember that this adventure of ours hasn't been all about sailing and tacos. A large part of the past three years has had us hiking tall peaks, ski bumming, and visiting as many National Parks and natural wonders as we could muster. Yes, all of that stuff was intermixed with time on the high seas, but basically, this adventure has been about us enjoying ourselves in whichever way, and wherever we have seen fit. I know a lot of you don't understand why we would leave our boat behind in Mexico and take on some other form of adventure when we have a perfectly good pirate ship just waiting for us sail the seven seas. Sure, it's hot in Mexico during the summer – everybody gets that. But why on earth would we do something else? Why not just stick it out, toughen up, and grin and bare it? The simple answer is because we don't have to. If Mexico's summer heat was making us cr