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Possible R and R!?!?!

We've made it to Yosemite. We took a couple of detours on the way down here but we've made it. I would in general say that I'm glad we are here because it has been on both of our bucket lists for quite a while, but after day one in the Park, I'm not sure that I can handle day 2. More on that in a minute.  First, the detours. I'm not sure if I have told you how good we are at planning things out, so I am going to fill you in on how we roll. Our usual routine before we go to bed is to look at the map, check the weather, see what is close by (or far enough to avoid weather), and go there. That's it. Nothing is planned out beyond the next 24 hours. It leaves us an endless amount of possibilities and it's worked pretty well for us so far. Part of the problem we have with scheduling beyond 24 hours is that we are just plain lazy, but mainly, it's because we like the flexibility of being able to stay in any particular spot for the perfect amount

On the Road Again

We've finally done it...we've left Bend. After 3 months, the place started to feel like home. It felt so much like home that we probably could have stayed for another 3 months and felt pretty good about it. Since my only real goal of being in Bend was to ski a bunch, it seems that we got quite a bit of other stuff accomplished while we were there. We spent time with old friends, we've made some great new friends, we hiked, we climbed, we explored the region, and yes, we did ski a bunch. According to Mt. Bachelor, we spent 38 days with skis strapped on our feet and skied a total of 415,886 vertical feet...not too shabby. It was the best winter that either of us can ever remember having and we are seriously thinking that we will be back next winter for more of the same. But alas, it's time to move on. There is too much out there to see and do for us to stay put any longer. Speaking of things to see and do, in just a few hours south of Bend, we came across wh

What's next???

I've had a few phone calls and emails in the last couple of days from friends asking what we are up to and what our plan is...where are we going next? As far as what we've been up to, well, that's pretty easy to answer. We've been skiing, we've been exploring the area and seeing cool stuff, and we've been having fun. As far as what we are doing next, well, that's a pretty complicated question. The short answer is that we are going to see more stuff and we are going to have more fun. The long answer is where the complication comes in. We have 2 more weeks booked at the RV park in Bend. We are having a hard time coming up with a firm plan for the next 2 weeks so you can only imagine the difficulty we are having in firming up a plan that lasts longer than the next 2 weeks. We are currently having so much fun here in Bend that it is really going to be difficult to leave...especially if the snow keeps falling. I'm not sure if I have mentioned t