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An Apology

Mexico is a funny place. Not like ha-ha kind of funny, but peculiar. And not peculiar in a bad way either. It's funny because it's really not what I expected when I dreamed of sailing here for the past 20 years.
When I first started scheming and planning for this big adventure, I was pretty excited to get to Mexico. Mostly because of an article in a sailing magazine I had read that described a couple of islands and anchorages in the Sea of Cortez that sounded amazing. And the pictures that went with the article? Well, I had visions of me and my boat sitting in the middle of those pictures for nearly 20 years. When work and life and stress all seemed to be doing their best to drag me down, the vision of me in the middle of those pictures with my boat was the motivation that picked me up and kept me going. Those anchorages were the carrot at the end of the stick.
But beyond those two anchorages, I really hadn't thought much about Mexico. I knew I wanted to get here…

A High Horse

If you know me well, then you'll probably know that I'm not one for holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. They are just dates on a calendar to me. And no, it's not because I don't care that you were born or that Valentines Day is supposed to be all about our love for each other. It's because I don't like to be told to do something nice for someone on a specific day. I think we should be nice to each other every day, and if I want to get you a present because I saw something and thought of you, I'll do it. Not because it's a specific date on a calendar (I'm getting fired up and off topic already...sorry about that...back to the subject at hand). For some reason, May 31st of 2014 is a day that sticks with me and screams out for me to remember and celebrate it.
Before you get too excited and rush out to get me a nice gift, no it's not my birthday (even though I don't like holidays, I do like gifts...good chocolate is really hard to come…


Since we're all friends here, I'm going to level with you. I've been bored. Before you get your panties in a bunch and start worrying that we are going to hang up our sailing gloves and take up competitive knitting – no, I'm not bored with Mexico or cruising. Mexico is great and cruising couldn't be any better. I've just been bored. If you know us at all, or if you've been following along on our little adventure for a while now, you probably can tell that we don't sit still very well. We have to move and we have to explore. It's in our DNA. We just can't do anything about it. Having some broken tosies has forced me to sit on my butt for a few weeks and wait for the healing process to happen, and it's been, well, boring.
Sure, I can hop in a taxi and go get some tacos, I can slowly hobble through town, and I can even take care of some needed boat maintenance, but, none of those things really dig deep and scratch the adventure itch. …

A Shopping Spree

Before I get into what's happening with us, I just want to quickly respond to the handful of emails and texts I've gotten over the last couple of days regarding tropical storm Adrian which formed near Guatemala and is heading toward Mexico. As you probably know by now, Mexico is where our little floating home and us are currently residing. If you are following the news on this weather system, you have probably heard that it is officially the earliest formed tropical storm in recorded history, and that by all estimations, it is expected to be upgraded to a full fledged hurricane in the next few days. Before I go any farther, I should tell you that we are perfectly safe and a long way from this storm. If this storm would have formed a week ago, before we made a big hop north to La Paz, I would have been sweating bullets, but from where we are located now, I'm not too least not too worried for us.
Every sailor cruising Mexico's waters has to make some ha…


Before I get started today, I just want to make one point perfectly clear. I love sailing. It's one of my favorite things. But since we started living our lives as full time adventurer's, sailing just for the fun of it hasn't happened. Sailing for us is now about transportation. It's about getting from point A to point B and bringing our floating home and all of our worldly possessions along with us.
Back before we left on this big adventure, I used to spend a whole lot of my free time sailing. I could generally find 2 or 3 after work sailboat races per week and the occasional weekend race where I could waste my time on the water, going round and round in circles with good friends. I loved everything about it. The tactics, eyeing the water for extra little puffs of breeze, trimming the sails for an extra tenth of a knot of boat speed, and the feel of the helm on a powerful boat with a well oiled crew – simply amazing. But being rail-meat is where the most fun…

A Big Idea

This big idea that I'm going to share with you today all started with an email from a good friend of ours who happens to be thousands of miles away.
As you may or may not know by now, we have gotten hooked up with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation and have been stocked up with roughly 2,500 pairs of glasses for us to give away during our travels. We give a free basic eye exam, find someone the right pair of glasses out of our stock pile, and then hand them over a free pair of glasses. Yes, it's all free. That's right, there are no strings attached. None. It's not only great for the recipient, it's been a great experience for us as well.
While we were in these little remote villages along Mexico's Baja Peninsula this past winter, giving out these free eye exams and glasses, we had been noticing quite a bit more need that could be filled. So, we had been making plans to pick up some supplies for when we returned to the Baja this summer.


So, my good friend Jason and I were out surfing the other day. Call it a last hurrah if you will. Jason and Jenn are heading south for Hurricane season and we are heading north. We had a few days to spend with these good friends in Bahia Tenacatita before we broke up and went our separate ways, and the waves in Tenacatita, well, they were calling our names.
I probably don't have to mention that Jason and I are...ahem...older men. And I probably don't have to mention that we are 2 amazingly fit and astonishingly good looking men for being...ahem...older. And just because we are...ahem...older, doesn't mean that we can't tear up some waves like we used to when we were younger.
After having another epic surf session with Jason (AKA the “Big Kahuna”), the trouble all started with one simple phrase. “This is going to be my last wave.” In my...ahem...older age, I should have known better. Never call anything your last. It's way too concrete and final of a st…

Hurricane Season

These days, our lives revolve around weather. As you can probably guess, the ocean can be a nasty beast if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. And since our little floating home lives on the ocean, you can also probably guess that we do our best to avoid anything that resembles nasty on the high seas. Which brings me to what is coming our way pretty quickly – hurricane season.
Hurricane season in Mexico starts, depending on which source you read, somewhere between May 15th and June 1st and continues to approximately November 31st. If you are doing the math, that equals roughly 6 months. For half of the year, there is a pretty good chance that somewhere in Mexico, a hurricane may be forming and knocking at our door, and I can't stress this enough, that's a knock that we don't want to answer.
So the big question is what are we going to do about it? Well, there are a number of options and they all basically mean the same thing – we need to get out of the h…

A Lack of Patience

I would like to think I'm a pretty patient guy. When trying to take the dinghy to shore to meet up with some friends and Brenda is changing her t-shirt for the 8th time because it's “not comfortable”, I will generally just sit in the dinghy with the engine running and not say a word. Sure, I'll grit my teeth, but being together for as many years as we have been has taught me that saying something like “hurry up, everyone is waiting for us”, well, it will only make the process slower. When we are itching to go to a new anchorage and explore but some threatening weather has us pinned down, I have no problem sitting on the boat and watching the weather pass us by. When we need to check out of a Mexican port town and the official has run out of ink for the stamp that needs to be whacked onto our papers, I don't even flinch. I'm completely happy to sit and wait while he spends over an hour in the back room looking for some ink. In general terms, I am pretty patie…