What's next???

I've had a few phone calls and emails in the last couple of days from friends asking what we are up to and what our plan is...where are we going next? As far as what we've been up to, well, that's pretty easy to answer. We've been skiing, we've been exploring the area and seeing cool stuff, and we've been having fun. As far as what we are doing next, well, that's a pretty complicated question. The short answer is that we are going to see more stuff and we are going to have more fun. The long answer is where the complication comes in.

We have 2 more weeks booked at the RV park in Bend. We are having a hard time coming up with a firm plan for the next 2 weeks so you can only imagine the difficulty we are having in firming up a plan that lasts longer than the next 2 weeks. We are currently having so much fun here in Bend that it is really going to be difficult to leave...especially if the snow keeps falling. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this to you before but skiing is quite possibly my favorite thing on this beautiful Earth (disclaimer here: my wife is my favorite thing...I think I have to say that, right???). And skiing is good right now. I'm talking really good. And the forecast is calling for more snow and cold temperatures for the next 10 days. Not a lot of snow but snow nonetheless. This extra snow not only begs for us to be at Mt. Bachelor but it also opens up a few of the nearby peaks for us to climb up and ski down. There are a few mountains here that we stare at on a daily basis that have been hinting to us that we need to climb them. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been on our side this winter for much in the mountaineering department. Until now. So for the next 2 weeks, we have a few peaks that we should reach the top of, we will spend some more time at the Mt. Bachelor ski resort, and we are hoping to do some more rock climbing at Smith Rock.

After those 2 weeks is where we are really having difficulty coming up with a plan. At some point we are going to be back on the boat so we can sail north again this summer. I am hoping to be saying a loud “Aaaaaaaarrrggg!!!” in my best pirate voice as we sail away from Anacortes sometime near the beginning of June. What that means is that after we leave Bend, we have about 6 weeks of time to fill up with adventure, fun, and amazing sites before we are boat people again. What to do with 6 weeks???

We have lots of ideas and everyday those ideas seem to change. Most of our big ideas involve long hikes and national parks and wonders of nature. The problem that we have is that there are about 12 million of those things out there and which ones should we see? For the last couple of weeks, the only place that we seem to be stuck on for the very near future is Yosemite National Park. Since it is a constant, we are going to shoot for that and try to fill in the blanks on the way down to the park and then probably head up the coast on our way back up to the boat. We can see a lot of stuff in 6 weeks and we will do our best to see as much is as humanly possible.

Until I have more exciting things to report, here are some photos of recent adventures.

This is called being smothered by my wife in the backcountry.
A beautiful lake in the 3 Sisters Wilderness Area with our good friend Gigi and her smelly dog Coco
This is an amazing spring on the side of the Metolius River.  I am told that 50,000 gallons of water flows out of this spring every minute...that's a lot of water!
Another day of rock climbing at Smith Rock and another day of Brenda showing off her skills.


  1. Never leave fun to find fun! Take the time to enjoy what you have. And always be safe.


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